A beginner’s guide to Pinterest

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Pinterest is a social media network where users share pictures and videos about their interests, services and goods. It’s also a platform to visually discover new interests by browsing the Pins and Boards posted by others.

Think of Pinterest as an organized web-based bulletin board or bookmark site. Images found on the Internet are saved or pinned to various boards categorized by the user.
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Most pins point to the original source in which they were found. Just like on other social networks, Pinterest users interact with each other by commenting on, liking, and re-saving each other’s Pins. You can also send private messages.
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Let’s look at ergonomic furniture to illustrate how Pinterest works.
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If anyone is interested in buying a knee chair they would click the picture for more information.
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As you can see in the image above, Pins can include details like the price, a description, a link to buy the chair, a place to comment, and the ability to send the Pin to one of your own boards.

Pinterest is free, but you need an account to use it. You can sign in with your email address and password, or you can use your Google or Facebook account.

Main functions

Below are some of the main features of Pinterest.

Home feed

Based on your recent activity on the platform, Pinterest shows you the people, Pins, and brands that are relevant to you in your home. It also suggests topics, forums, and people you want to follow.
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Ideas that Pinterest users create, save, and find on the Internet are known as pens. Click on a pin to follow the link to the website for more information. You can also save a pin on your own board.


On the boards are the pins that you save. Name, order, and organize your boards however you want. You can invite others on Pinterest to collaborate on group boards as well.

There is also an option to keep your boards secret by marking them as secret. Only you and those you invite to these forums can see them.
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All the boards you have created and the Pins you have saved are in your Pinterest profile. Your profile also includes the people, forums, and topics you follow.

Business or private account?

People use Pinterest for different reasons than other social networks like Instagram and Facebook. Pinterest users look for inspiration on the platform. This includes getting ideas for buying products and presenting their visual design.

Which account is best for you personally or for business? The answer is, it depends. How do you want to use Pinterest and what are your goals? If you’re using Pinterest for commercial purposes, the answer is clear. You need a company account.

Pinterest business accounts

Pinterest corporate accounts give users free access to platform analytics, ads, and other helpful tools. Brands boost their professional presence.

There are several ways to set up a Pinterest business account:

  • If you already have a personal account, you can convert it to a business account easily. Use the email address of the account you want to convert. Complete your company profile with the type of business, company logo and a description of your business activity.
  • If you’re new to Pinterest, go to Home and select Create a business account at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter your email address, add a password and click Create Account.
  • Enter the information for Enter your company profile and agree to the terms of use to complete the account opening process.
  • You can also keep your personal account and add a new company by following the steps above.

Pinterest analysis

Pinterest offers free analytics tools with a business account that you can use to optimize your Pinterest strategy. Use the analysis to identify many important metrics, such as: B.:

  • Which pins are the most interesting?
  • Is there more engagement on the desktop or on the phone?
  • Which Pins get the most Pinterest traffic?

Analyze traffic, measure pin performance and get insights into what your customers want. 3 on the settings page to access website analytics and let others know where to find more of your content.

Learn useful information about your target audience using Pinterest analytics, such as demographics, other topics your target audience is interested in, audience comparisons, and the general audience.

  • Sign in to your Pinterest business account to access analytics.
  • In the upper left, click Analytics, then click Overview .

Which Pins generate the most traffic on Pinterest?

  • Under the chart on the Analytics Overviewpage, select Link Clicks from the drop-down menu .
  • Next, set your filters to either Content-Type = Organicor Claimed Accounts = your URL.

The results will show you which Pins are sending the most traffic to your website. Insights into the types of content, infographics , themes, and image styles that get your site most frequently can help you plan your Pinterest strategy.

Which pins are these? The most tempting?

To find this out, choose the same drop-down menu under Top Pins , select engagements from. Knowing which types of Pins are best for your audience will help you understand which types of Pins are best for your audience.

Is your strategy working?

You have changed your Pinterest strategy. To see if it works, set the date range before making the changes. Choose from the following filters:

  • If you want to compare your activity with other activities, choose Link Clicks again. Select but this time in the drop-down list next to Split by the option of source.

Valuable metrics to keep track of

Here are the top tracking metrics to help gauge how well you are doing on Pinterest.

Impressions are the number of times users see your content in category feeds, search results, and their own feed. Find the keywords and categories that are getting the most impressions.

Clicks : If you want to know if your content is driving traffic to your website, check the number of clicks. How many clicks your Pins get is a more important metric than impressions because it’s an action.

Repins : As with Twitter retweets, repins refer to the number of times a user saves your Pin on one of their own boards. They are more valuable than impressions because they are performed by someone who is interested in your PIN.

Top Pins : To see your best content on Pinterest over time, take a look at yoursTop pins. You can analyze your top pins using the following criteria:

When a person saves one of your Pins, it means they are interested in your content. Saving increases the reach of your pins. It can also mean that the user intends to get back in touch with your content later.

How are your Pins behaving?

Select a date range and check the impression data to see how often others have seen your Pins.

With the same time period, check out the following metrics for a better understanding of how your Pins are performing:

Create, add and manage

There are several ways to create a pin. This includes:

  • Use pin buttonin your browser.
  • Click a pin in a picture on any website.
  • On the Pinterest website.

Aside from where you start, the process for creating a pin is the same.

  • To create a Pinon the Pinterest website, click the red plus sign in the top right corner of the Pinterest home page.
  • Click > Create Pin. Add your title, description, and target link.
  • Drag and drop or click to upload pictures or videos.
  • Click Savefrom Website to upload a picture from your website and enter the URL. You can also publish the PIN immediately or later.
  • Select the board that you want to post the PIN to by clicking the Selectdrop-down menu next to Button> Publish .
  • To create a forum, click your profile, then click Forums. Look for the red check mark in the box above Create Board and click on it.


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